TOTO MS934304SF-01 Lloyd Extended One Piece Latrine Audit – Greatest Flushing Power

In the event that you’re searching for a best in class latrine with greatest flushing power there could be no other than the TOTO Lloyd Prolonged One Piece Latrine. You can experience harmony of psyche for a really long time with an obstruct free latrine and express farewell to your handyman.

Most extreme Flushing Power

The TOTO Lloyd latrine includes the G-Max flushing framework, an exceptionally strong siphon stream activity that eliminates most extreme majority of waste in a solitary flush thus, the terms was conceived “what goes down stays down”. The TOTO G-Max turned into an 토토사이트 industry’s benchmark, with its phenomenal designing plan stopping up in any event, for quite a long time of weighty usage is remarkably difficult.

It brings water into the bowl all the more rapidly with its extra wide 3-inch flush valve contrast with other 2-inch regular latrine, this outcomes in a more strong flushing activity. A 2-1/8 inch enormous coated trapway offers an unparalleled power for one-flush prevalence that forestalls it stopping up. With this sort of force this latrine is shockingly peaceful.

Great Looks And Truly Agreeable

The TOTO Lloyd looks extremely alluring in white tone, by adding a remarkable etched plan it makes more exquisite. This is an ADA agreeable latrine with high-profile seat that gives you a definitive solace while sitting in there. This is exceptionally useful for senior individual from the family and for handicapped also.

Simple To Clean

This one-piece latrine is more straightforward to clean than the customary two-piece. Made of great porcelain making it non tacky to soil and stays clean for longer timeframe, assuming you genuinely esteem your time, this latrine makes all the difference.

Incorporates Toto’s SoftClose Seat

Don’t bother purchasing a different seat for this astounding latrine on the grounds that, the Toto SoftClose seat is incorporated. It is produced using exceptionally strong polypropylene plastic materials; this is profoundly impervious to synthetic compounds and cleaning specialists that guarantee its strength and long life. The seat is uniquely formed that impeccably shape your body shape for most extreme solace. It additionally arrives in an enemy of slid plan that keeps it from slipping while you’re staying there.

The TOTO SoftClose seat is keenly plan that thoroughly eliminate those irritating sounds, this is great on the off chance that you have kids at home as it diminishes the inadvertent wounds for a more secure climate. This is made conceivable with the underlying pivot framework that dials back as it bring down the bowl seat. A top fixing mounting bolt is given to guarantee its simple establishment and eliminating while cleaning.


Exquisite thoroughly search in an extraordinary etched plan it makes more rich

An ADA agreeable for solace level that makes it agreeable for older and handicapped individual

One piece latrine plan for simplicity of cleaning

G-Max Power siphon fly flushing framework that get frees of waste in a solitary flush, what goes down stays down

Oversize 3-inch flush valve which is bigger than the traditional 2-inch valve that draws water rapidly for a more strong flushing activity

Bigger trapway in a 2-1/8 inch plan that gets an obstructed free latrine

Low water utilization of just 1.6Gpf contrast and the customary 7 Gpf, this will definitely remove your water bill

Calm flushing framework that doesn’t upset anybody who’s dozing around evening time

TOTO SoftClose seat is incorporated that absolutely kills those hammer sounds and decreases the unintentional wounds, this is perfect assuming you have kids at home

A particularly shaped plan seat with hostile to slip cushion for most extreme solace sitting


The TOTO Lloyd is a very good quality latrine plan for greatest flushing execution that thoroughly get freed your stopping up issue for quite a long time. The looks are brilliant and the ADA level makes it agreeable to any individuals from the family. Made of the best materials which are truly strong that stays in top shape for quite a long time and the consideration of 5-year guarantee gives you genuine serenity while buying this strong latrine. What else could we at any point request the best latrine?