Why Does Ontario Make the Best Treatment Location?

While some people choose to stay at home, or in their hometown, and participate in an outpatient treatment program, others choose to travel a little bit for their treatment. So, if you are looking for a great location for drug and alcohol treatment look no further than Ontario, California.

Or…you might just so happen to be lucky enough to live in the area and can consider this an option without even having to travel.

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Recovery is already hard enough as is as you go through withdraws and all the emotions that come with recovering from a drug or alcohol addiction. But, by choosing a desirable location you can help ease the recovery process as you will feel comfortable and at ease with where you are. The location can also help promote calming emotions, especially if it is somewhere you would consider being your happy place – such as the beach.

So, why do we consider Ontario, California to be one of the best treatment locations?

Well, perched in the beautiful state of California, just east of Los Angeles, Ontario is in a prime location:

Desirable Weather

The coast of California is known for its sunny and 75 iconic weather. Few people would complain about it feeling like spring or fall all year-round, right? Over the entire year, the average temperature is 65.5 with an annual low of 53.2 and an annual high of 77.8. So, if you love mild weather where you could throw on a t-shirt and jeans any day of the year, then Ontario might just be the perfect place for you.

While it never gets too cold, it also never gets too hot, maintaining a fairly comfortable temperature all year round.

Desirable Location

Located near Los Angeles, there is plenty to do. You are close to just about any major attraction in California and could easily travel north or south and experience several famous attractions and locations.

Desirable Attractions

In addition to all the renowned attractions and activities that surround Ontario, the town has plenty attractions of its own that will give you plenty of healthy and recovery-approved past times.

For example, there are several parks with lakes and fishing areas that offer a great place to go and relax and clear your head. Plus, you are also just a quick drive from several beaches.

Final Thoughts

Addiction recovery is already hard enough, but by creating your own oasis and going to a place where you feel relaxed and comfortable, you can greatly improve your experience.

Being outdoors greatly improves depression and anxiety – from walking on the grass barefoot to just breathing in the cool, crisp air from the outdoors. A location like Ontario, California is a great place to call your temporary home while you are in recovery.