Ontario, California: What Treatment Facility Types Are Available?

One of the main things that come to mind when you start thinking about where you will go for your addiction treatment facility is what type of facility you want. Of course, first you consider the location and cost, but ultimately, those will still depend on the type of facility you choose.

So, in your first step to sobriety, you should consider what type of treatment facility you would like to go to. Specifically, when looking for treatment facilities in Ontario, California, try taking a look at this site where you can view some of the best treatment facilities in Ontario. This will help you with your search, narrowing it down by that specific location.

The types to consider include:

Outpatient Treatment Facility

An outpatient addiction treatment program means you do not live on the “campus” or in their housing facility – patients continue living at home. This type of program allows patients to continue with their regular schedules and responsibilities while scheduling their meetings and treatment sessions around their normal schedules.

However, while you are not required to be under constant care like you would be in if you lived on-site, you are required to regularly check into treatment (during your allotted times) and participate in counseling and consistently take your medication.

Typically, this type of treatment facility is best for those who have an excess of determination and a strong will to succeed in recovery. Because this option still leaves you highly susceptible to your previous triggers and usually means your drug of choice is still readily available, it is not the best option for everyone.

In-house Treatment Facility

An in-house treatment facility is pretty much just the opposite of the outpatient treatment facility. Patients are required to live on-site, meaning they are constantly monitored and have strict rules they must follow. While not all people enjoy this type of facility, the structure offers a much stronger and more closely monitored recovery option for those who feel they might be susceptible to giving in.

In addition, an in-house treatment facility allows you to make closer connections with other people on-site which can be beneficial in maintaining healthy friendships once you leave your addiction recovery program.

Luxury Treatment Facility

Now, for the luxury factor – it is simply the same as an in-house treatment facility but on a much fancier scale. Typically, luxury facilities are in luxurious and tropical places. They offer more intriguing and more unique activities; however, they will also cost much more.

Low Angle View of Office Building Against Sky

A luxury facility might be somewhere you would more commonly see a famous person or a very wealthy person.