Addiction Recovery: Making it Work for You

Between daily distractions and struggles, addiction recovery can be one of the hardest things. Even once you find a great addiction recovery program, you might still find yourself tempted or upset. The drug which you have been addicted to truly takes a toll on you and will get a grip of your brain, making it very hard to overcome…

You might find yourself needing ways to keep yourself accountable, or just little reminders throughout the day to keep you on track. When it comes to addiction recovery, you can never put too much effort into ensuring your success.

So, once you decide it is time to get some help, seek a treatment facility in Ontario, California, or another place that sounds desirable to you. However, California does offer a large selection of high-quality programs. Then, once you begin your treatment program, it is time to fully invest. One of the ways you can get truly and deeply involved in your recovery program is to do your part – all the time. So, even after your support group is over, you should still be working on ways to improve yourself and stick with the program.


A great way to do that is by installing some of these apps to help you:

  1. Addicaid

    This app seems to have it all – from social support to inspiration. Sometimes, all it takes to turn your day around is an inspirational quote. Other times, you need something to keep you consistent with tracking your progress. By tracking your progress, you can look back to see how far you’ve come and remind yourself why you shouldn’t give up now. Addicaid has daily check-ins to help you keep track with your urges, emotions, and usage patterns.

  2. Cassava

    This intuitive app lets you track a variety of aspects of your recovery process such as sleep levels and quality, nutrition, physical activity, and mood. It is intended to be used daily for the best experience. Furthermore, Cassava also connects you with support groups at anytime, anywhere. It gives you motivation knowing there is always someone there to help you.

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  3. Quit That!

    Wouldn’t it be nice if addiction recovery was as simple as that two-word statement? Unfortunately, quitting your addiction is not that simple, but with the Quit That! app you might still be able to make it a little bit easier. The great thing about this app is that it can help you with any type of addiction – drugs, alcohol, or even just watching too much television. So, this app is great for helping you recover from addiction and avoid other addictive behaviors. Use Quit That! to track your progress and begin to feel proud of your accomplishments.