Turn it Around: How Rehab Can Help You Help Others

Rightfully so, when you think of overcoming your addiction – whether it is drugs or alcohol – you think of how great it would be for you to be better. You would feel like your old self, you will be happy, you will be healthier.

Then, you also consider those around you. Recovering from your addiction will also your family and friends – those closest to you. Addiction takes hold of one person, but subsequently, it affects all those around them too, making it hard for everyone.

But, what about strangers? Have you ever considered how overcoming your addiction could help you help strangers?

Once you begin rewriting your story, overcoming addiction, you can truly use that to help others…

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But, better yet, this will continue to help you:

It helps to talk about your feelings.

While talking to others, you can help both them and yourself. It helps you overcome negative emotions, or just better understand your emotions as you talk to other people about them. You can not only express how you feel or how you felt but also get their advice and input.

Furthermore, it helps the person you are talking to. As you speak to other addicts or recovering addicts, you can both help each other understand your emotions and help each other overcome whatever negative feelings you are having.

It helps keep you accountable.

One way that people fall right back into addiction is by holding all of their feelings in. It is easy to get caught up in everyday life and get caught up in our image and not want to share how we really feel. But, by helping others you can help keep yourself accountable.

It helps to talk to others about your journey and the struggles you have overcome and continue to overcome.

Final Thoughts

Overcoming addiction is a lifelong process. And, addiction is a negative thing. It can destroy families, friendships, and entire lives. However, there is no reason to mope around and let your past take over your future.

One of the best ways to overcome addiction is to use your past with addiction for good. Start helping others by telling your story – you never know who might be in the exact same boat as you and just needs someone who understands.

It takes a village to raise a child, and it takes a village to save an addict – be a part of that village working to save addicts (like yourself) and use your negative past to make yours and someone else’s future positive.

Ontario, California: What Treatment Facility Types Are Available?

One of the main things that come to mind when you start thinking about where you will go for your addiction treatment facility is what type of facility you want. Of course, first you consider the location and cost, but ultimately, those will still depend on the type of facility you choose.

So, in your first step to sobriety, you should consider what type of treatment facility you would like to go to. Specifically, when looking for treatment facilities in Ontario, California, try taking a look at this site where you can view some of the best treatment facilities in Ontario. This will help you with your search, narrowing it down by that specific location.

The types to consider include:

Outpatient Treatment Facility

An outpatient addiction treatment program means you do not live on the “campus” or in their housing facility – patients continue living at home. This type of program allows patients to continue with their regular schedules and responsibilities while scheduling their meetings and treatment sessions around their normal schedules.

However, while you are not required to be under constant care like you would be in if you lived on-site, you are required to regularly check into treatment (during your allotted times) and participate in counseling and consistently take your medication.

Typically, this type of treatment facility is best for those who have an excess of determination and a strong will to succeed in recovery. Because this option still leaves you highly susceptible to your previous triggers and usually means your drug of choice is still readily available, it is not the best option for everyone.

In-house Treatment Facility

An in-house treatment facility is pretty much just the opposite of the outpatient treatment facility. Patients are required to live on-site, meaning they are constantly monitored and have strict rules they must follow. While not all people enjoy this type of facility, the structure offers a much stronger and more closely monitored recovery option for those who feel they might be susceptible to giving in.

In addition, an in-house treatment facility allows you to make closer connections with other people on-site which can be beneficial in maintaining healthy friendships once you leave your addiction recovery program.

Luxury Treatment Facility

Now, for the luxury factor – it is simply the same as an in-house treatment facility but on a much fancier scale. Typically, luxury facilities are in luxurious and tropical places. They offer more intriguing and more unique activities; however, they will also cost much more.

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A luxury facility might be somewhere you would more commonly see a famous person or a very wealthy person.

Addiction Recovery: Making it Work for You

Between daily distractions and struggles, addiction recovery can be one of the hardest things. Even once you find a great addiction recovery program, you might still find yourself tempted or upset. The drug which you have been addicted to truly takes a toll on you and will get a grip of your brain, making it very hard to overcome…

You might find yourself needing ways to keep yourself accountable, or just little reminders throughout the day to keep you on track. When it comes to addiction recovery, you can never put too much effort into ensuring your success.

So, once you decide it is time to get some help, seek a treatment facility in Ontario, California, or another place that sounds desirable to you. However, California does offer a large selection of high-quality programs. Then, once you begin your treatment program, it is time to fully invest. One of the ways you can get truly and deeply involved in your recovery program is to do your part – all the time. So, even after your support group is over, you should still be working on ways to improve yourself and stick with the program.


A great way to do that is by installing some of these apps to help you:

  1. Addicaid

    This app seems to have it all – from social support to inspiration. Sometimes, all it takes to turn your day around is an inspirational quote. Other times, you need something to keep you consistent with tracking your progress. By tracking your progress, you can look back to see how far you’ve come and remind yourself why you shouldn’t give up now. Addicaid has daily check-ins to help you keep track with your urges, emotions, and usage patterns.

  2. Cassava

    This intuitive app lets you track a variety of aspects of your recovery process such as sleep levels and quality, nutrition, physical activity, and mood. It is intended to be used daily for the best experience. Furthermore, Cassava also connects you with support groups at anytime, anywhere. It gives you motivation knowing there is always someone there to help you.

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  3. Quit That!

    Wouldn’t it be nice if addiction recovery was as simple as that two-word statement? Unfortunately, quitting your addiction is not that simple, but with the Quit That! app you might still be able to make it a little bit easier. The great thing about this app is that it can help you with any type of addiction – drugs, alcohol, or even just watching too much television. So, this app is great for helping you recover from addiction and avoid other addictive behaviors. Use Quit That! to track your progress and begin to feel proud of your accomplishments.

Why Does Ontario Make the Best Treatment Location?

While some people choose to stay at home, or in their hometown, and participate in an outpatient treatment program, others choose to travel a little bit for their treatment. So, if you are looking for a great location for drug and alcohol treatment look no further than Ontario, California.

Or…you might just so happen to be lucky enough to live in the area and can consider this an option without even having to travel.

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Recovery is already hard enough as is as you go through withdraws and all the emotions that come with recovering from a drug or alcohol addiction. But, by choosing a desirable location you can help ease the recovery process as you will feel comfortable and at ease with where you are. The location can also help promote calming emotions, especially if it is somewhere you would consider being your happy place – such as the beach.

So, why do we consider Ontario, California to be one of the best treatment locations?

Well, perched in the beautiful state of California, just east of Los Angeles, Ontario is in a prime location:

Desirable Weather

The coast of California is known for its sunny and 75 iconic weather. Few people would complain about it feeling like spring or fall all year-round, right? Over the entire year, the average temperature is 65.5 with an annual low of 53.2 and an annual high of 77.8. So, if you love mild weather where you could throw on a t-shirt and jeans any day of the year, then Ontario might just be the perfect place for you.

While it never gets too cold, it also never gets too hot, maintaining a fairly comfortable temperature all year round.

Desirable Location

Located near Los Angeles, there is plenty to do. You are close to just about any major attraction in California and could easily travel north or south and experience several famous attractions and locations.

Desirable Attractions

In addition to all the renowned attractions and activities that surround Ontario, the town has plenty attractions of its own that will give you plenty of healthy and recovery-approved past times.

For example, there are several parks with lakes and fishing areas that offer a great place to go and relax and clear your head. Plus, you are also just a quick drive from several beaches.

Final Thoughts

Addiction recovery is already hard enough, but by creating your own oasis and going to a place where you feel relaxed and comfortable, you can greatly improve your experience.

Being outdoors greatly improves depression and anxiety – from walking on the grass barefoot to just breathing in the cool, crisp air from the outdoors. A location like Ontario, California is a great place to call your temporary home while you are in recovery.

Why Treatment is Vital to Your Alcohol Addiction Recovery

Have you ever decided you were going to go on a diet?

But, you did not tell anyone. You simply just decided you were and kept it to yourself.

But, a few days into it the pizza started tempting you or maybe it was the ice cream. You think to yourself, “Well nobody but me will know if I cheat on my diet, so it is probably okay.”

Then, you find yourself giving into that temptation and before you know it, your diet has ended just about as quickly as it began.

Think of addiction like this –

If you never tell anyone that you are trying to recover from it and seek treatment, how will you actually follow through? Who will hold you accountable?

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Alcohol addiction treatment facilities, like those in Ontario, California, are a vital part to your success in overcoming your alcohol addiction.

They offer you accountability.

Just like with the diet, it is easy to venture off track if nobody is watching. You might think…

“If I just have one drink, it couldn’t hurt that much. Plus, nobody will know anyway.”

And, especially if nobody knows you are trying to overcome your addiction, who is there to be disappointed other than yourself? Even though you can sometimes be your biggest critic.

However, addiction treatments like those in Ontario, California can offer you a large system of support and accountability partners, such as counselors, who will continue to check in on you and ask about your actions and feelings.

It is much easier to stick with something when you know someone will be asking you about it. Just think of it like having a personal trainer – it is much easier to stick with your diet if you know they will be asking you what you have been eating when you meet them at the gym the next day.

They offer help.

Addiction treatment and recovery take a toll on you mentally and physically. Not only will you need support, but you might also need mental and physical care from licensed professionals. Detoxing can be hard depending on your addiction level, but a treatment facility in Ontario, California will offer you the medical support you need to get and stay healthy during your recovery. This will also maximize your results.

They offer you continued support.

Although you can recover from alcohol addiction, deep down you will always have those addictive tendencies. Therefore, you are always at risk for another harmful addiction, or even relapse. As old habits surface, old friends come around, or emotions become overwhelming, many previous addicts find themselves in the midst of a relapse. Their drug of choice – in this instance, we have been discussing alcohol – has always been their outlet. They naturally run to it for comfort and possibly even answers to their problems.

However, with continued support, relapse can be preventable. Although it will always be a continuous process, having someone continuously checking up on you and regularly attending relative groups will help lower your chances of relapse as you learn to find support and answers in your healthy friends, support group, and counselors rather than drugs or alcohol.